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Jillian Edwards

So I don’t listen to pirated music. Do I buy all my music? Certainly not. I wish I could. Anyways, if you are interested in becoming more ethical and radical in your everyday acoustic endeavors, it doesn’t mean you have to start buying all your music. There are many websites that where artists use to promote their music by offering their albums for free. One very awesome one that I use is noisetrade. You can download whole albums. Granted it may not the newest or “hippest” song on the radio. But most of these artists are genuinely very talented. They also have tons of genres, whatever your style is. Oh, they also recommend that you tip the artists too. Ofcourse you don’t have to (I haven’t…). But if you really do enjoy the artists, I would recommend that you do, or at least buy their music.

Other sites where you can get Christian music are iTickets (unrelated to Apple) and gmc. I don’t use these two very often because they only give you a song a week. And with iTickets, the songs are only available for a week or so. But on gmc, you can download the “download of the week” even after the week is over, which I really like. If you go visit gmc, I would recommend “I Get to Be the One” – JJ Heller, “Leaving Eden” – Brandon Heath, and “The Earth Is Yours” – Gungor.

Anyhow, as you can see, I have not talked about the title of my post at all. I have found an extremely awesome singer from noisetrade called Jillian Edwards. I have actually bought one of her newer songs on iTunes. Her lyrics are beautiful and brilliant. When I listen to songs, I really want to listen to the lyrics. And when lyrics manage to incorporate so many different concepts into one theme, I’m amazed. That’s what I do (or at least try to do) when I write poetry. For example, Ms. Edwards relates, books, telescopes, cellos, Thursdays, etc. to love. Not just the typical stuff, but the seemingly unrelated stuff. Her lyrics go into directions you don’t expect them to go. Like how a movie or a book is good when the plot is so unexpected. Feel free to disagree with me though, since art is such an abstract concept, but I think she is an artists that puts thought into her lyrics, which is awesome. Here are some lyrics :).

“If you were a melody
I’d sing you all the time
And if your hands were poetry
I’d memorize every line
And if every look you gave me were
A different hue or shade of color
I’d learn how to paint you”

– Try

And if you were words in a story
You’d be in a book that’s overdue
That’s somewhere hidden in my closet
Looked a million times for you
And if you were just one day
You’d be the very first of May
And I’d be sunlight in your skies”

– Try

“Window to the sky
A telescope to the eye
Like a stamp to a letter
I want to know You better
I want to be so much nearer
I want to go together with You

Like a photograph to a smile
A runner to a mile
Like strings to a cello
Like a wave to a “Hello, how are you?”
Want to go together with You

Like a face in the mirror
I want to see You clearer
I want to be so much nearer
I want to go together with You
Want to go together with You

Paint to a canvas
First day to nervous
Birthday to a wish
Long distance call to I miss you
Want to go together with you”

– Go Together

The phone line outside my house
Wonder what words it has seen
What would happen if they all spilled out
And, I got the lovley ones for free

Tie them in a bow and send them your way
On the fastest train I know, to get to you
Do I really need a reason besides “I want too”
And I’ve got an unending debt to love you

If you were to say that you love Thursdays
I’d do my best to plan
I’d find a way, convince them to escape from there usual weekday clans
I’d set them right, so there side by side
On a calendar for you
Throw the old one out
Keep the yellow storage house of sunny Saturdays too
Free for you to use”

– July and June

“Check your mail, Did I get your address right
I’d hate to think that anybody else might’ve picked up all the love I sent for you

Wait a minute, Wait a minute Mr.Postman,
Wait, Mr.postman
Mr.postman look and see
Is there a letter, A letter for me?

– July and June

“I want to be a songbird
And I want to sit on the tallest branch
Of the tallest tree
And I want to sing lullabies
To Earth as she cries
I really want to try and make her laugh
I want to be a songbird

And I want to watch sunrise
With my love by my side
And I want to grow
And I want to learn
I want to fire
And I want to burn
I want to rise
And I want to fall
I want to run
And I want to crawl

– Songbird

And I just want to try
To know how far and deep and wide
This love is that You give
Cause that’s what it is to really live
To just try and look around
See You in our breaths
And hear You in our sounds
I want to be a songbird

Go through things that I need
Make me hurt, make me bleed
Cause I will arise and see the light
I’ll pray my way through the night
And I want to be a songbird”

– Songbird

Take the strings and the things
I use to tie me to the ground
Let them all be gone

– Songbird

“Used to want time to run so quickly
Now crawling is fine
Cause the older I get the more
I see I need every moment
To let my roots grow down deep

– Nonfiction Love Song

“I’ll try not to wish you would hurry
I’m learning how not to worry
I don’t want to let you down
Could I sing to every week
make just enough for what we need
And walk together ’round the town”

– Nonfiction Love Song

So I’ve enjoyed her songs so much that I would like to share it with you guys! If you look carefully, some of her lyrics incorporate her Christian faith. Especially the song “Songbird”. Love songs with a touch of faith, which is brilliant! Not all her songs are like that, but a modest amount. She doesn’t overdo it. And even if they don’t talk about God directly, her values as a Christian are portrayed in her lyrics.

I wish there were more songs like this. I don’t think you can get a physical copy of the cd yet though, but I hope one day I can buy it. Hope you like it!



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So that’s the end of the David Crowder* Band :(. But with death comes life and hope, as shown musically in their last album and as most of the members seem to be continuing with music separately. Anyhow, I pre-ordered the cd as well as the vinyl. The cd hasn’t arrived yet, but I got a free digital download. To say that this album is amazing and beyond words would be an understatement. You have to listen to the full cd from beginning to end (all 34 tracks) to grasp how amazing this thing is. They have modernized a requiem mass. I don’t claim to have known what a requiem mass was before I searched it on Google, but you have to understand what it is to grasp a little of how the album is structured. David Crowder & co. have, yet again, gone against mainstream culture. What singer/band looking for a profit would make a 34 track adaption of a requiem mass where there are (at most) 10 “songs” (with verses and a chorus) and where the rest of the tracks are just instruments or in Latin?

It’s also interesting to note (as pointed out by an online review I read), that this album, unlike most of their previous albums, is not a continuous loop. In their last album “Church Music”, I noticed that the ending of one track leads to the beginning of the next one and the ending of the last track leads to the beginning of the first song. But this last album, being their last, has a definite ending in their last song.

I don’t know about this point, but the fact that they use the brackets in that order seems add to the fact that they are counter-culture (but I know the rules of bracket usage may be different in other parts of the world).

Also note the cover art. I really like how DC*B combines science and Christianity. The combination of science and Christianity can be a beautiful thing. Yes, this is a requiem mass, but the term “mass” is also used in sciences. If you look closely (or just zoom in), there is Newton’s law of universal gravitation, the gravitational constant, the Compton wavelength, the atomic mass unit, the gravitational constant, and the equation for weight. This relationship is actually really interesting if you think about it. I haven’t touched physics since high school, but it’s not hard to recall that objects of a significantly smaller mass will gravitate and orbit around objects of a significantly larger mass, based on some law of physics. This concept also relates to Christianity.

Plus, 34 tracks. 3 + 4 = 7. An interesting theme DC*B has.

There aren’t may “worship songs” in the album, which is to be expected. But here is one that is pretty amazing (I’ve given up trying to describe the album with words). It’s called After All (Holy). The chorus is just… just listen to it. Since I do not condone illegal uploads onto YouTube, this is the only legally obtained full lengthed song I’ve found online. You can listen to samples on iTunes. Some other amazing songs are “Let Me Feel You Shine”, “Oh, Great God, Give Us Rest”, “Come Find Me”, and “I Am A Seed”.

I don’t remember how I started becoming so obsessed with this band. Maybe it’s because they are so different and counter-culture that got me interested. Nevertheless, this is the first CD I have pre-ordered without a second thought. Without knowing what was on the CD. When I first listened to it, I couldn’t help but smile at the hope and the joy that comes from the music and the lyrics. Despite it being a requiem mass, there is joy that comes from death. I listened to it all day yesterday and, I must say, when I went back to listening to the other songs on my iPod, it wasn’t the same anymore.  The other music seemed dull and uninteresting in comparison. Maybe I’m just biased, I don’t know. But I highly encourage you guys to buy this! Don’t go to a CD store in Canada though as it will most likely be more expensive. Buy it online at their store or when Passion 2012 comes to Vancouver in March (!!!), they might also have it on sale since David Crowder is coming (though I don’t think the whole band is coming :().

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