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December Dreams

My last week of december in pictures! Got a new camera on boxing day (hence the image quality improvement) and a new stand mixer (hence the baking improvement?). Went out for brunch at Cora’s with Gen, Serena, and Vivian before Serena left us for a coop at Newfoundland. I’ve been to Cora’s quite a few times but I still really like the atmosphere (very bright and yellow inside). Though the menu isn’t quite a novelty to me anymore, I still found something that I wanted to try. The oatmeal. Either it’s new or I’ve never thought of ordering oatmeal before. Nevertheless, it was pretty tasty.

Then, on the same day, I went to a Christmas potluck at a friend’s place. Oh, the cake you see up there is an italian apple cake =D. I’ve made it before when I was in Leeds and wanted to try it again since the first one was almost burnt. Made it the night before (the same day I made sugar cookies and nutella brownies). Normally, I don’t praise my own baking. But this was seriously awesome. It takes a lot of work to peel and cut 5 apples though, but it’s so worth it! I’m going to make it again if I get another chance. Christmas party was fun, got to meet new people and sing praise songs :). And ate my third turkey this Christmas…

Oh, I also went to whistler, but too bad I only got camera phone pictures. Those pictures can be found on my Google+.

p.s. in case you’re wondering, my goal is to post pictures every month. There might be less pictures once school starts, but that works out since I’ll be more busy.


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