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After Darkness

The sun shining over darkness,
Melting of morning dew.
Release of yesterday’s sadness,
Start of tomorrow anew.

The plant rises above the soil,
New and innocent dreams.
Fed with rain, darkness, and toil,
Now standing to be seen.

Darkness dims and fades away,
To the rising of the sun.
The earth proclaims a better day,
Darkness has not won.

Originally I had a post for new years. I started writing it but I could barely sum up all that has happened into one post! So much has changed. I have changed. If I tried summarizing it, it would have been to vague. Also, there were some things I didn’t want to share publically :). So instead, here’s a poem I started recently about some recent events (yes that is intentionally vague). It just so happened to fit into the new years theme, so I finished it today.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

p.s. happy anniversary wordpress <3



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A place to rest your head,
Maybe even a bed.
A place to call your own,
A house and not a home.

The city of your first breath,
Or where your heart is led?
Where your roots run deepest,
Or where friendships are greatest?

Is home just a place?
Or are many places home?
Places are just places until, temporarily,
Your heart calls it your home.

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Life on the Yellow School Bus

Pairs of feet are shuffling,
Scanning for a seat.
Faces down, music up,
Eyes afraid to meet.

Bodies moving on and off,
I watch them as they go.
Yet somehow, friendships are formed
When we risk to say hello.

Our destinations different,
Our journeys not the same.
But because of this shared bus ride,
I’ll remember you by name.

It may be just a moment,
Or many years, I do not know.
For I may have to transfer,
And another way I go.

Bonds may be broken,
Friendships not renewed,
But memories remembered, for
I’m blessed to have met you.

The awesomeness of friendship :). I already posted this on Facebook, but it is also worth a place here. And because A CERTAIN READER does not use Facebook :).

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The Statistical Probability of Love 

Like chaos,
The factors,

The outcome,

Chance meetings and constant feelings
Are a miracle.
But choosing to love one another
Is possible.


Yay! Give me your opinions and critiques please. I got this idea a few days ago and wrote it on my iPod while busing to and from school. Was finally able to sit down in front of Microsoft Word and write it out. My inspiration is embarrasing and you’ll just laugh at me. So I won’t share it :).

Just a quick update: I am done classes and my first exam is on May 23rd o.O. So I’m planning to relax and maybe go visit a few places in the UK. Nothing big though. Have to save up for my June trip. Greece and Italy sure are expensive…I will update on my trip in April soon.

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Unexpected Goodbye

I watch the sun rise
Words dance in my eyes
In a familiar tune.

A glance. A greeting.
Words exchanged.

Our paths converged
And I made a choice.
My feet continued,
While my heart silenced its voice.

Yet now I wonder
If my heart was correct.
I sit in your seat,
The place where we met.

But in love unpursued,
In the kiss of the eyes,
There’s beauty in words unspoken,
Beauty in unexpected goodbyes.


You can probably guess what this poem is about. And since I expect questions, I’ll explain myself. In really general terms, I met an interesting guy from California in Italy. But I have no clue who he is. End of story :). I haven’t written a poem in a while, so I hope Europe might stir up more inspirations!

It’s pretty late, so just a quick wordpress update. My hostel right now has a computer in our room with what seems like a memory card reader, so I might upload pictures of I have time.

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