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My new red umbrella.

Umbrellas shelter us from rain and storms. In a downpour, an umbrella can keep you safe from the attack of the rain. Though when wind joins in the battle, that’s a different story. Rain will then attack us from all sides. Strong wind may also break the umbrella, rendering it useless. Though definitely not perfect, I feel protected when I have my umbrella.

God is like an umbrella! Though He keeps us safe most of the time, life isn’t meant to be safe. Life is an adventure. There are winds in life where we might get drenched. There are storms in life that where we have to go through to get from point A to point B. We can’t just stay inside our whole life. But then there are also small rain storms where the umbrella keeps us dry the whole way. And ofcourse, there are also sunny days :). Though in sunny days, we often forget to bring an umbrella out. We get so used to the goodness and forget that we need God. Then when the storm comes we are unprepared.

In the rainstorm, in times of suffering, some people may give up on God. Maybe thinking that if God really did exist, He would eliminate the suffering, He would calm the storm. I don’t know why some people suffer more than others. I don’t know why certain things happen. But personally, if I was standing in a rainstorm, drenched by the wind and rain, why would I let go of the only protection I have? (This analogy is not perfect ofcourse, as I am not implying that God is weak, just that He allows things to happen) I would cling onto God even more. After the rainstorm, we would have arrived at our destination and we would have become closer to God.

Reminds me of this song:

So, my dear friends, open the door and venture out into the world, armed with your umbrella.

Love in Christ,


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Grave of the Fireflies

I remember watching this movie, Grave of the Fireflies, on a VHS o.O. When I moved to Surrey, we were packing and I found the video again and watched it once more. I don’t remember a lot of the movie, or the role of this candy tin. Though if I remember correctly, the little girl had this small candy tin and the sweetness of the candy was set in contrast to the overall bitterness of the war and human nature. In the midst of suffering, this seemingly insignificant tin of red brought hope.

Look for the small things in life that bring you joy, hope, and life. No matter what, search for that silver lining. There may not be one, but how will you know if you don’t look for it? How will you find the silver lining if you don’t endure the clouds? It reminds me of a song… but I can’t remember the title right now x.x.

Do you know what the difference between happiness and joy is? Happiness is conditional on circumstances. You can be happy because you got an A+ or if you find $20 on the ground. Then you can be unhappy if you fail or lose $20. I believe joy is not conditional on circumstances. God tells us to be joyful always, not be happy always. Being happy when you have reason to be unhappy (i.e. if you lose a lot of money) is delusional. But we can be joyful if we believe and trust that God is God, no matter what happens. When we are hurt, we cry and may get angry at God, a natural response. But as Christians, we can find joy if our hearts truly believe that God is for us.

Love in Christ,

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