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English vs. Canadian

Time for a quirky little post. If I’ve met up with any of you since I got back, you may have noticed that I randomly spit out things regarding the difference between English stuff and Canadian stuff. Don’t know how enjoyable that is for you, but I say it anyways :). Here’s a list I made for your enjoyment. Note that this is in no way a comprehensive list, just stuff I found interesting in my short stay there. And also note that this may not apply to all English people or all Canadians; just people I have met and interacted with.


1) In Canada, people usually subtract (or use their cash register) to count the change that should be given. In the UK, people add. For example, if you pay $1.45 for something that’s $5, people in Canada usually just go, “here’s $3.55”. In the UK, people would go “here’s £2 (gives you 55 pence), and £5 (gives you £3)”. It was confusing at first.

2) People recycle in the UK. A lot. And are very environmentally friendly. Not so in Canada, where we, sadly, waste everything. They have an “off” switch for each power outlet, automatic lights that turn on when you enter the room, toilets with two flushes, recycle bins everywhere, etc.

3) People open the door for you as long as you are 15 feet away (exact value depends on the person). It’s a common courtesy I guess.

4) Now though they may seem polite at times, they may seem quite aloof. In Canada, if you see someone walking towards you that you know, you would stop and chat for a bit (unless, I guess, you are in a hurry). In the UK, all you say is “How are you?” and simply walk off, not expecting a reply from the person.

5) In some ways, people in UK are very honest about their feelings. For example, there are times when I apologize, and the other party doesn’t reply or respond in any way. They don’t try to pretend that it’s okay if it really isn’t? In Canada, it’s natural I think to reply “it’s okay” or “no problem” when it actually isn’t okay and it is a problem. So when I reply with “it’s okay”, I may be just imagining it, but some people look at me strangely.

6) People cross the street as long as there are no cars (i.e. they don’t wait for the “walk” signal to turn on). Maybe cause there are less cars and people are able to do that. I’m not sure. But in my experience in Vancouver, people wait for the signal even if there are no cars. I think I looked stupid the first time I arrived because I stood there while everyone else was walking.

7) The vast majority of people in the UK drive manual. Here in Vancouver and Canada, it is more normal to start driving automatic. Is it more environmentally friendly to drive manual?

8) The use of the 24 hour clock. I almost missed a train once because I thought 20:00 = 10pm x.x.

9) There is a tax of 20%, but it is hidden because tax is included in the price of everything you buy. In Canada, tax is calculated at the cash register (i.e. the price listed isn’t the final price).

10) In Leeds at least (and a lot of other places in the UK), it is socially acceptable not to pay a service charge :). Whereas it is an unwritten rule (and sometimes even enforced) in Canada.

11) Some cafes in the UK charge you extra if you eat in their restaurant rather than “take away” (or “take out” in Canada). I guess that can be a service charge? But I don’t think it’s 10%.

12) Ovens in the UK are strange. The dials go from 0 – 8 if I’m not mistaken. So instead of having degrees on the dial, each number represents a certain degree. I didn’t find that out until my last month there. When I used the oven, I just guessed what number to turn to :D.

13) In the UK, when people bake, they weigh their ingredients. Unlike in Canada and North America, where we use cups, teaspoons, etc.

14) The paper is a different size! The standard letter sized paper in Canada is 8.5 by 11 inches. In the UK, it is apparantly 8.27 by 11.69 inches.

15) The keyboard is slightly different. In North America, the @ sign is “shift + 2”. I don’t remember what it was in the UK though.

16) Double decker buses!! (More environmentally friendly?)

17) Word choice (the ones that I know of):
Petro in the UK = Gas in Canada
Arcade in the UK = Strip mall? in Canada
Amusement in the UK = Arcade in Canada
? = Amusement in Canada (I don’t know this one)
Chips in the UK = Fries in Canada
Crisps in the UK = Chips in Canada
Plaster in the UK = Band-Aid in Canada
Cling film in the UK = Saran wrap in Canada
Ice hockey in the UK = Hockey in Canada =D

18) The slang term “whitewashed” isn’t used in the UK.

19) Religion is taught in schools in the UK and everyone is quite knowledgable on the subject. However, it seems to be just knowledge. In Canadian public high schools, religion is not a subject learned in school.

That’s all for now :D.



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Life in Surrey

So I’ve been back in Canada for a week now :). Currently I’m just sitting around or going out with friends who want to spend time with me. I do prefer sitting around though, since I really just want to do nothing. I guess that’s why it took me so long to post something? According to Serena, my life was so different in the UK, but I’ve come back and many things are the same with a few differences (if you are reading this Serena, your sentence doesn’t really make sense =p). No, everything is different. Every relationship is changed. People never stop growing or changing because we go through various experiences in life. When I left, I boarded another train. Now I’m trying to catch up and jump on your train. You may not realize it, but life constantly reshapes you. I’ll be back on track soon though. Even though I’d like to sit around all day, I should probably do something more productive. So I’m just saying “yes” to all serving opportunities. Probably not a good idea in the long run. So I probably should stop sometime soon. Maybe I should start my exchange report….

I’ve learnt many things about myself on exchange. One thing that I’ll never forget was when I was stranded in Germany. Many of you know this story already but many of you don’t. Though I guess the ones that read my blog regularly are the ones that know already…Well, I was flying from Vienna back to Leeds. I couldn’t find a cheap direct flight, so I booked two separate flights. One from Vienna to Dusseldorf, Germany and one from Dusseldorf to Leeds. Then the next day I was taking a train to London. I was scared that there would be two airports in Vienna, so I double checked and it looked fine. I arrived at Dusseldorf and waited at the airport because I was three hours early and the big screen didn’t even have my flight up yet. After a while, flights after my departure time showed up on the screen and I still couldn’t find mine. I asked the information desk and they told me I had to go to the other airport in Dusseldorf x.x. I’ll leave out every single detail of me trying to get to the other airport (about 2 hours of wandering and transiting). I didn’t make it. I took an hour train ride to the other airport and kept praying and praying the whole way. I’ll just tell you that it’s not a good feeling. Especially since I was by myself. The next flight to the UK was leaving about 7 hours later to London, not Leeds. I wouldn’t have time to go back to Leeds. I was incredibly stressed out and worried. The flight would also cost me a lot of money. Thankfully, I was able to pay with my UK visa debit card (I have a limit on my Canadian visa and my mom’s emergency visa wouldn’t work because they wouldn’t let me change my travel plans). Thankfully I set up my sim card to automatically top up because I was running out of credit. Thankfully I knew someone who lived in London and I stayed at her place overnight. I never like relying or trusting people. People aren’t perfect. But I’m not perfect either. I do need help from other people, from my friends. It just takes a situation like this, where I’m utterly helpless, to tear down my stubborness.

Relationships are intentional. You have to work at building up relationships, not just expect them to happen. Not just with people, but with God as well. Though I guess there are unexpected things that happen. God can be found everywhere, not just in church or in fellowship. You just have to look :). For example, when I was taking a bus in Cornwall, I saw a fly stuck in a bus and was continually looking flying around and at a window on the ceiling of the bus. It reminded me of man’s constant reliance on their knowledge to try to comprehend life and everything it encompasses, man’s journey to heaven apart from God. All the fly sees is what’s in front of him. In reality, there is a door on the bus that he can exit through. The door, to me, represented God’s way out. If we only stop trying our own way and trust God’s way, we can get out of the bus :).

I also met a bunch of awesome people in Leeds. If you go on exchange, prepare to have your heart broken. It’s the same everywhere I guess. Whether you make friends in university, make friends in coop, make friends abroad, make friends with international students, etc. If you open your heart to people, they will leave you eventually. My friendships were unexpected. I met more international students than UK students. Whether that’s good or bad, I don’t know. I started of going to a chinese church and I just kept going to it. I had wanted to try an English church, but then I didn’t have enough time as it was to get to know the people at the chinese church. It didn’t feel right to jump around different churches and not get to know the people at either churches. So I stayed at one place. I’ve been learning a lot about how people of different cultures can fellowship together. Especially for me. I thought I came to terms with it, but, now that I’m back, I’m not so sure x.x.

I think that’s long enough to keep you guys entertained :).

Jennifer and Asami, old and new friends :).

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Exam Time?

Just finished my first exam yesterday :). I’ve realized I don’t really know how to study just to pass. Apparantly the ~2 days I spent on math was too much. I think it’s cause the exam was incredibly easy, even compared to first year calculus. Not sure if that’s just because the prof was lazy and made the exam almost identical to the previous year’s or it’s what all the profs do here. I regret not taking more math classes :(. The business exam I have 2.5 hours is so dull. I can’t wait for it to be over. This exam is the one I had to study the most for because though it’s titled “Business Economics”, there’s just one question on the exam where I need to calculate anything. I finished studying for it early this afternoon and proceeded with my English exam on Friday (ceremoniously skipping my Thursday “Intro to Managerial Statistics” exam where I plan to review my formulas the night before). Now I am halfway done studying for it. I’m even have time for wordpress right now…I just wish it was over with instead of making me unnecessarily study more. Oh and I just had another poem inspiration. Maybe I’ll write it when I finish my exam today?

I don’t know what this is saying about the Leeds/UK educational system (no offence), but I’ve never had such an unstressful exam period. Even compared to my first year at SFU. (I don’t know if I’ll regret saying this after I fail an exam x.x.). Maybe it’s the fact that it won’t affect my GPA that I’m less worried and doing better? Does stress negatively affect your results? I can’t say if it’s easier or not though, since I’ve only had one.

Oh and they are two hours long (compared to the three hours I get at SFU)!!! Some are even an hour. So less material on the exam? There are also only 11 weeks of class. My business classs only had 9 weeks of lecture and 4 tutorials…

I should’ve done my bachelor in the UK :).

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Life in Leeds: Day xx

About time for an update!! Sadly, I think I got addicted to Facebook. Time to rid myself of that addiction! Going to lose my data plan on May 22nd, so maybe that will help? I have been writing an update on my trip, but please keep in mind I’m trying to condense one whole month in an update. It doesn’t contain every single detail, but I’m working on it!

Soo exams are finally here. I can’t wait for them to be over. I have exams on May 23, 24, 26, and 27. The only one I’m worried about is “Business Economics”. Have to start memorizing a bunch of useless business knowledge that I don’t need. The “Differential Equations” exams looks pretty easy. In the past exam, the questions are in the same order as the material that is taught. Statistics is a joke…English, I’ll have to write two essays, so I probably have to review what I’ve read. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’ll pass. There’s no point aiming for an A here because SFU won’t care and that grade will only transfer back as transfer credits.

There’s a CANUCKS game tonight <3. Meaning I’ll have to sleep early and wake up at 1am. Finally got my Canucks jersey that my mom sent me along with some snacks :D. It took about a month and a half for a parcel to arrive. Wearing the jersey right now hehehe.

Oh, and I finally got a quote from the camera repair place. It will cost approximately $118 (£75) to fix my camera, which costed me $160 (~£101). Going to email Best Buy the letter and have to call them later to see if they want me to fix it. Hope I can get a new camera out of this! It was hard getting the information from the camera shop, because they don’t do the repairs. They got the quote from another company and were quite difficult in giving me the information that Best Buy wanted.

Though I miss Vancouver, I think I’m also going to miss Leeds. It’s become a second home for me. I’m going to miss the friendships I’ve made too ;). Coming here, I thought 5 months was a long time. But actually, I’m travelling for 2 months, so I’m only spending 3 months in Leeds. One semester goes by really fast. I guess you take a lot of things for granted until you realize it’s gone.  But I’m going to do my best to take advantage of my time here. I had my first English scone today haha. Still need to try the crumpets and the Yorkshire pudding (which is not really a pudding…). Still have to go visit York.

Oh, I’ve been reading a book called “Praise Habits: Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi” by David Crowder. Yes, I bought it because the author is David Crowder :). I went on a week long trip to the southern part of UK and decided to bring this book instead of my Kobo. It’s length is smaller than the average book I read, but I didn’t finish it. The main reason is that I can’t read devotional books that quick. It’s just an overload of information. It’s really awesome though. It’s going through some Psalms and it talks about how we can praise God always. Yes, God can be found in breathtaking scenery, but he’s also found in our mundane everyday lives. It is also very interesting to read Psalms while listening to Christian music, since some of them are based on Psalms :).

Time to study :).


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Durham! (pronounced dur-um)

I’ve given up uploading every single picture on wordpress, it’s just too much trouble. But I’ll give the story that is not available on Facebook.

Here are the links to the pictures:

So my train left at 7:10am. Not bad, since the ticket was cheaper if I left early. And the trains were pretty empty in the morning, which is even better :D. I packed everything I needed in a backpack so I wouldn’t have to bring a suitcase for just a weekend trip. The return tickets I bought were about  £12.

my train!

I know this picture is of more interest to you than the 200 others…:D So I decided to post it so that you guys know I’m still alive.

So I got there at about 8:30? I had to sit down and get some caffeine in me cause while on the train, I fell asleep while reading…That never happens to me when I’m reading a book that I’m interested in. Afterwards, I decided to head to my first destination, Durham Cathedral.

There’s Durham castle (besides the cathedral)! Now to get there…

I got sidetracked by this lovely riverside road.

There it is!

Streets of Durham

There seems to be a lot of sweet shops in the UK.

ok <3

Feeling some nostalgic patrioticism.

I’m here!

So I went in the cathedral to find out that I couldn’t take pictures :(. That’s ok. It saves me the time to have to post them. But there was sooo many rooms and things to look at!

A closer look

Do you recognize this place?

How about now?

Well I didn’t at first. Until a bunch of rowdy kids were yelling something about Harry Potter :D. This certainly does look like one of those corridors. Afterwards, I found out that one of the rooms were used as a classroom, but tourists weren’t allowed in it :(.

Where I was a few pictures ago.

I was eating my packed lunch here when I noticed a couple that wanted to ask me to take a picture for them. I can tell when someone wants me to help them take a picture haha. I waited for a few minutes before they finally asked me.

Then I took a tour in Durham castle. I was actually planning to go to another musem, but I went the wrong direction and arrived here when the tour was almost starting. I can’t believe this is an university accomodation! I would certainly love to stay here. But apparantly, it’s really hard to get a room here. If you get a room in the keep (the circular building on the right hand side) the rooms are really small. The most sought after rooms are given to the university union execs. An incentive for them I guess…There was also a weird spiral staircase that was leaning in toward the centre because when it was built, it didn’t have any support in the middle.

Then I took quite a long walk to get to the Oriental Museum.

Apparantly I’m wise and possessive :).

Reminds me of those old chinese dramas.

They had some really cool pictures of little kids working in Asia to support themselves and their family, but I wasn’t sure I could take pictures of those. There were also exhibits on Japan and India.

Instead of walking, I took a bus back to the city centre and walked to my bed and breakfast place.

Really nice place!! But it was £50 x.x. All the hostels were booked and this was the cheapest option I could find. The hosts didn’t seem like they really cared about me though. Maybe cause I was only staying for one night.

Spinach pasta thing for dinner. Pretty good, but £8.50 for three pieces…

Walking to the cathedral for a sunday service :). Alll the way up there. I found the service reallyy traditional. It was a cool experience, having all these procedures and stuff. Did communion with real wine…But I prefer a contemporary service :).

Went here for lunch. It was a really nice place. Initially, I had wanted to sit here for a bit and read, but the weather changed for the better that I couldn’t stay inside for long :(.

Some kind of honey chicken jacket potato :D

Pear and fudge muffin. Not a lot of pear taste though. And the fudge tasted like caramel to me.

Soooo much better now that the sky has cleared. Yesterday, I was wondering why the water looked so muddy. Now I realized it was because the sky was dark and gloomy.

The other side of the bridge.

A MUCH better picture of the cathedral.

Really wanted to see this, but it wasn’t open until April :(.

View at night!

After a loooong day, I’m finally going home :). I was actually going to spend Sunday in the shops, but realized later that shops closed super early and most places aren’t even open… So I sat in Esquires coffee until 6, when they closed. I could sit in a restaurant until my train got here, but I didn’t want to spend more money on another expensive meal. And I wasn’t hungry cause I bought granola bars (I don’t understand why good ones, the ones with more fibre, are so hard to find). So I walked to the train station and sat there for an hour. It was pretty cold…

All I bought for myself was a dress :). I bought a bunch of gifts and some baking utensils!

ANND thanks Serena and Kathy for your letters, I just got them <3.

I really really really miss granola bars…I got my mom to send me Nature Valley :D. They have the oats and honey flavour here, at select stores, but they’re really expensive, almost $4 a pack if they’re not on sale. I found a relatively okay brand here, but I still like my Nature Valley.

I also got my first English paper back (the one I mentioned previously). I didn’t read the comments yet, but I got 67? At least that’s what I think the random number on my comments sheet means. Though I think the marks range from either 10-90 or 20-90, not 0-100. Nevertheless, I’m sure I passed and it’s pretty good for a paper I spent less than 2 days on.

Oh, and I tried three events recently that were offered by the university union. The first one was “mug painting”. It was pretty cool and I liked the end result of mine (guess what my design is =p). But I needed to put it in the oven for about 35mins. However, when I took it out, I found a elastic band in the mug…Turns out I put it there and forgot about it. I had to scrap it off but there is still some of it stuck at the bottom. I guess I can only use it for decorative purposes =(.

Then I tried “beginner’s salsa”. Which was actually pretty fun! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that there were more girls than guys and that the guys that came were with their girlfriends. But it certainly was relaxing.

Then recently, I went to an “indian head massage” event. I thought I would get a massage. Instead, we learnt how to give a massage…It wasn’t as good as I thought. At least I was only there for half an hour.

I’ll talk about Newcastle next time.


Well that was last week

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Further Adventures (part 2)

The breathtaking Lake District! I was here last saturday. This time I went by myself. I actually wanted to cancel this trip, but I missed the deadline. I thought it was going to rain too! Well it did for a bit, but not when I was on the lake. First I had to line up to buy tickets for the boat cruises. When I did my research, I was planning to go up the mountain to Orrest Head to see the awesome view, then go on a cruise, then go to the Peter Rabbit exhibit :D. But there were four different cruises! So I ended up picking two cruises, which was about £15 for both. Anyways, so I headed up to Orrest Head, thinking the start of the 20min hike was closeby. Google maps then told me it was a 36min walk….So I started walking/running because one of my cruises left at 12:45 and 1:45 only. And it was already 12:15. I packed a lunch so I didnt have to buy anything. I thought that I could probably take a taxi back to the dock. The hike is really easy. Nothing like the Grouse Grind :D. Probably took me less than 20mins cause I was rushing. And it had rained earlier, so there were mud puddles…and I didn’t wear the right shoes. But the view was sooooo awesome (as you can see from the pictures). Not cold at all.

It was 1:30 when I started walking/running down the mountain and I arrived at the dock at about 1:55. I was going to see if I could get a refund but then the people told me that the ship runs pretty often… I guess they didn’t update their brochures. So I waited for the next one. When I got on, they said that we had to get off because the boat was needed for an emergency. So I decided to go on the other cruise that I booked. This one was 70mins both ways. We would stop at another town after 35mins and we had an option to stay there for a bit before returning. I really really wanted to get off the boat, but again, I didn’t have time :(.  They sold food on the boat, but I didn’t have any cash with me. They only accepted cash… It was almost time for dinner, so I thought I’d grab something after the second cruise before getting back on the bus.

I was hesitant about getting back on the second boat, because I thought that it would be the same thing. More water. Even though it probably is, and I doubt you looked at every single picture of the lake, it was a nice and calm experience for me.

When I got back on shore, it turns out the cafe near the bus was closed…it was just 4:30. I wasn’t thinking and bought cookies at the gift shop next door. I should’ve walked a bit into the town and bought an actual meal. Cause I was starving the whole way back home (took about 2.5 hours). I thought we would have a pit stop, like the way there, but we didn’t. But I made it home alive and cooked something :).

That was last Saturday. This week, I watched two movies :D. Gnomeo and Juliet and The King’s Speech. I was surprised by the amount of people watching The King’s Speech. Maybe cause it was a Wednesday and there’s a special promotion if you’re using a Orange mobile network, or maybe cause of it’s success at the Grammys. But usually, when I watch movies before 5, the theatre is almost empty. And I handed in my first essay on Wednesday. Why am I saying this? Writing the essay itself wasn’t especially difficult. It was learning another paper format. Sadly, APA and MLA do not exist here. I forgot what the format was called, but it took me about 2 hours to learn it and edit my paper. And I probably did some things wrong. First, quotations are done with single quotations (‘ ‘) and not double quotations (” “). By the way, the keyboard here is different….it’s the same as in Hong Kong. I’ll post it here later. Quotations within quotations (i.e. someone speaking in a quote) are quoted with double quotations. When you cite things, you have to use footnotes, and not like (pg 45, Author). Then the bibliography. How you cite in the footnote is also different when you cite in the bibliography. And I had to change my Microsoft Word to English (UK). But I’m still scared I spelled something wrong. Though that’s probably really minor.

Have to clean the flat soon with Asami though. They’re coming on the 9th to check the communal areas to see if it’s clean. Just have to vacuum the floors and clean the dirty kitchen. The vacuum is so useless though =.=. I tried vacuuming my room a few weeks ago and it’s just this tube that sucks in air. Not sure how to describe it, but it’s not the ones where you roll it around the floor and it vacuums. By the way, it was my first time using the vacuum :D.

Back to readings! Next weekend I’m going to Durham!


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Further Adventures

Soo I went to Cambridge on Feb 19!! So sad that it was gloomy and that I had to study…but I’m going back there in the summer :D. Anyways, woke up early for the bus and it was snowing!!! Barely anything though…but it looked nice nonetheless. It took 3 hours to drive there though. But I walked around for about an hour, ate “lunch” at a really awesome cafe with awesome pastries :D. Then sat at another cafe in a bookstore to study.

Enough about Cambridge. Let me tell you about my phone story (for those who haven’t been following the story on Facebook). On Sunday, I called my parents with a different sim card (Nomi) than the one I usually use here because it’s cheaper. I put my usual sim card (O2) in my pocket and forgot about it. Then, after talking to my mom, I put the phone in the same pocket. It wasn’t until I got home a while later, when I decided to switch back to O2, that I realized my O2 sim wasn’t in my pocket! I freaked out and looked everywhere. I concluded that I probably dropped it when taking my phone out of my pocket to check the time. Finally, I called customer service to block my sim, so people couldn’t use my credit. I remember telling them specifically that I lost my sim, not my phone. And the person confirmed that with me too.

Anyways, on Monday, I went to the store to get a replacement sim. I was about to call customer service to activate the new sim when my phone said that I had an “unregistered sim”. At first I thought I had just used up all my credit on the Nomi sim cause I had to call customer service yesterday (it’s weird because some numbers are more expensive to call here…) So I went back to the residence and borrowed their landline. They were reluctant to lend it to me though…

So ok, I activated my sim card, which they said would work within 24 hours. The funny thing was, I checked my credit online for my Nomi sim and there was about £5 left in it. I thought it was strange, but didn’t look into it. So I kept turning my phone on and off for the next 24 hours. It still didn’t work and kept saying “unregistered sim”. I put my sim into a friend’s phone and she could detect a signal, when I couldn’t. Then, I tried putting my Fido sim card in and that didn’t work either….Now I was freaking out again. So, after backing up my stuff, I reset my phone.

Didn’t work.

Kept looking on Google. At first I thought my phone re-locked itself for some odd reason. But couldn’t find anything. Then my Fido sim worked for a bit, but then it died. Then after hours of research, someone mentioned phones being “blacklisted” if they are reported lost/stolen. That got me thinking, so I borrowed Asami’s phone and called customer service again. After 15mins, they told me that they had indeed blocked my phone =.= And they now have to send a form and do some stuff. I was told that my phone would be unblocked within 72 hours. This was Tuesday night.

On Thursday night, I realized that my phone detected a signal!! I tried texting/calling but I wouldn’t send or receive… At first I thought O2 was just taking their time in fixing it and that I would be able to send and receive soon enough. Friday came and still nothing. So Friday night (72 hours later), I called O2 again. Turns out they didn’t remove the block on my sim…………..There were two blocks, one on my phone and one on my sim. I had wrongly assumed that “activating” does not mean “unblocking”. Or unblocking my phone doesn’t mean that they’ll unblock my sim as well… A blocked sim can still detect signals, but it will not send or receive. So now they told me it’s another 4 – 24 hours.

The thing is, I tried using my Nomi sim and I can’t detect a signal….Hopefully I don’t have to call them too to unblock anything.

Now onto much happier things.

Today I tried making a London Fog. It wasn’t bad, but maybe it would’ve been better if I had real vanilla! I heated too much milk, so I just drank some with honey. THAT was just so totally AWESOME <3. I don’t know how I’ve missed it before, milk and honey :D.

My classes are going fine I think. I wish I took more math classes though…business classes are quite boring. My business economics class is the worst. Wish I had just taken BUS 207 at SFU. So far, there’s barely any math involved, a bunch of theory. I just finished readings on the topic “Why firms exist?”. One of them was Karl Marx’s paper on capitalism…

Next, my statistics for management class is just boring. I’m dead serious. I accidentally chose the wrong class. The way course registration works here is that I have to sign up for classes that I want to take, then the prof will decide if I can take the class.  (side note: course in UK = major in Canada, module in UK = course in Canada) So I submitted a huge list, in case some of my classes get rejected. One of them happened to be this class. I needed 60 credits to be a full time student and I got accepted into 70 credits. So I dropped an elective I think. I should’ve looked into the syllabus of this course. I already have credits for this class…It’s basically BUEC 232 or STAT 270. I actually did my readings for the first class, but realized how unnecessary it was.

I’m ambivalent towards english. Readings can be hard (old english, where my prof told us it’s ok if we don’t understand every word). But it’s enjoyable. The way I see it, I can enjoy the class but not have to suffer the effect on my gpa :). Oh and my prof is so cool. Well, there are three profs for this class and they alternate on who teaches. But my TA (called tutor or tutorial leader) here, is also one of the profs. There were times when he lectured in socks, and once in his bare feet (he’s standing on carpet)!

I just finished my quiz on colour science. Didn’t do so well :D. Probably because I crammed my memorization on the last day. The next quiz is on the last week of class, which is the first week of May, which is right after the month long Easter break in April…

Now my favourite class…is math, differential equations :D. It’s not that hard either…it seems like just formulas.

Lake District post coming up! I don’t know how to put two separate galleries on one post…


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